Arthaz - New York

Collectors, Decorators and Dealers are Welcome

You will find high quality period fine arts from the XVII century including contemporary art, oil paintings and works on paper.

In addition, the gallery is also known for and provides museum quality restoration and hand cleaning.

Arthaz is located at:
270 Lafayette suite 809, New York, NY 10012
Telephone: (212) 752-0995 

Arthaz Gallery opened online auction house in 2012. The works on paper collection mostly represents Alexander Raydon estate. Each year Arthaz organizes four auctions through

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Gallery Les Looms - New York

Collectors, Decorators and Dealers are Welcome

You will find a large selection of Collectable European tapestries, unique decorative textiles and fine rugs.

In addition, the gallery is also known for and provides museum quality restoration and hand cleaning.

In 2015 Les Looms moved to its new location :
270 Lafayette suite 809, New York, NY 10012
Telephone: (212) 752-0995 
Store hours: Mon - Fri: 10:30am - 6:00pm

Les Looms is focusing on existing clients and online business through Ebay and Etsy .

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Fine Art Prints from Suzanne C. Nagy collection

Wide Variety of Fine Art Prints:

Alberto Giacometti
Béla Kádár
Fernand Leger
George Braque
Georges Rouault
Henri Matisse
Henry Moore
Jean Arp
Joan Miro
Lajos Kassák
László Moholy-Nagy
Pablo Picasso
Salvador Dali
Victor Vasarelly
Willem de Kooning
Hungarian photographs between 1930 - 1960.
and more...

I am looking for Hungarian art to purchase!

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From 2006 untill 2016 Suzanne C. Nagy the exclusive curator of Alexander Raydon estate, selected auction houses for specific collections from Alexander Raydon estate. Arthaz compagny sold over 20.000 artworks succesfully through New York, Connecticut, and pennsylvania auction houses, including the online auction house Arthaz.

Arthaz is located at:
270 Lafayette suite 809, New York, NY 10012
Telephone: (212) 752-0995 


Presently engaged in the following:

  • Liquidation of the artworks owned by the Estate of Alexander Raydon, and his Madison Avenue Gallery
  • Liquidation of the Estate of Andre Szots, film director, Budapest and Paris
  • Promotion and liquidation of artworks from the Estate of Ferenc "Ferryman" Revesz
  • Promotion and liquidation of artworks from the Estate of Charles A. Fodor
  • Promotion and liquidation of artworks from the Estate of Zoltan Laszlo Szabo
  • Promotion and liquidation of artworks from the Estate of Marcell Vertes

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Consulting Services

Suzanne C. Nagy International Art Services

  • Provide advice and access to the international art market, including auction houses and dealers worldwide, in order to achieve the highest possible sales return on all financial levels
  • Provide discounted commission rates when selling through us at the leading auction houses
  • Advise clients on liquidation of artworks and those not suitable for sale at auction
  • Arrange shipping, insurance, restoration and conservation for artworks, textiles, carpets, tapestries, furniture and objects d'art
  • Provide advice and services to executors and trustees and their counsel, in order to facilitate the discharge of their fiduciary services, including appraisal for estate and gift tax purposes, liquidation of artworks, insurance, storage, conservation, transportation and delivery of artworks
  • Research with respect to identity of artists, provenance of painting, owners and sellers of artist's paintings and recent sales
  • Development of marketing plan for larger collections of a single artist or multiple artists in order to create added value

Budapest Gallery

Budapest Gallery of Contemporary Art

From 1995 Nagy has been collecting and managing Hungarian artists' estates who were unknown in Hungary. She has been buying up artworks from these artists, which were produced during the first and second world war and did not have exposure in Hungary during the communist regime.

In 2004 in the art district of Budapest, on the corner of Falk Miksa and Stollár Béla Street Nagy opened an intimate gallery for the purpose to promote Hungarian artists who lived and worked in the United States. She successfully purchased artworks from the Ferenc "Ferryman" Révész Estate, Charles A. Fodor Estate, Zoltán László Szabó Estate, and collected works on paper and oil by Marcel Vértes and others.

From 2001 Nagy has been exhibiting twentieth century modern art in Budapest, Szent Endre and various Hungarian cities. Her desire was to give maximum exposure and easy access of the artworks to art lovers who had no chance of viewing and buying modern art during the communist regime. To this present day she had six major shows presenting Dali, Miro, Braque, Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec, Renoir, Chagall, etc.

In 2004 she was approached for a collaboration by the first major art foundation in Hungary called Kogart to help young and emerging Hungarian artists. They were awarded with the Zsuzsa Csikos-Nagy prize and given a month scholarship. During that month Nagy guided and helped these artists in order to put together their best materials for an exhibit that was given by Kogart. The 2004 Zsuzsa Csikos-Nagy price winners were Zsuzsa Moizer and János Hübler. In 2006 a major company in Budapest called upon Nagy to be their art consultant and curator in an upcoming new gallery.

From 2004, Nagy is loaning her art collections to various museums and institutions. So far she had successfull museum shows in major Hungarian cities with Toulouse Lautrec, Dali, Picasso and Miro.

Presently she is putting together a major show on the most important Hungarian photographers Andre Kertes, Brassai, Kassak, Moholy-Nagy, Kepes and Wiggi.

Badacsony - Hungary

Badacsony International Art Center

The city of Badacsony-tomaj and Nagy's company jointly working on creating a multi level international art and congressional center. Badacsony is one of the most famous wine country in Hungary. The city is surrounded by the Balaton, which is the largest lake in Europe. There are approximately 500 artists living and working around this area. The Mayor of Badacsony-tomaj originally presented this project to Nagy a year ago. As of right now, the project is at the stage of getting a building permit for construction.

The main goal is to find an international connection to become part of other European organizations, an art center for projects and exhibitions as well as to give a home to international symposiums.

Badacsony Atelier for Art

In 2004 Nagy was approached by an art foundation well known in Hungary called Kogart. Kogart is a non-profit organization founded by Gábor Kovács, one of the most successful entrepreneur in Hungary. Among other functions they support young and emerging artists. Their idea was to give out the Zsuzsa Csikos-Nagy prize to two artists a year whom were selected and exhibited by Kogart. Nagy invited the two artists to her Badacsony atelier to spend one month by the lake Balaton under her advice and guidance. Since then, Nagy extended her Badacsony gallery location and built a 200 squaremeters exhibition hall.

The construction was completed at the end of 2006.

In 2006, Nagy became the curator of the museum Egry Jozsef at the Lake Balaton in Hungary. Since then she provided professional services to the museum and put up all around summer shows for the museum. For her volunteer curatorium activities she was awarded as the most important and influencial art promoter of the regime. The award was given to her in 2010.

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